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There's a whole wide world of sites out there - here's a few relevant ones we like or think you should know about. If you know of significant sites of interest worth passing on, or if any of these listed are discontinued, please let us know. We'll add more as we discover them.

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Broken Bones site up at http://www.broken-bones.co.uk

Conflict are now active live, and have their own active site up, with 20+ free MP3 files, news, gigs, lyrics and (if you catch it in time) the rumours section! www.conflict.org.uk

Here’s an unofficial fan-site dedicated to the before-their-time, under-rated Creaming Jesus: http://membres.lycos.fr/creamingjesus/

Family Fodder sites:
Fodder in English: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/vivonzeureux/Pages/familyfodder.html
Fodder in French: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/vivonzeureux/Pages/pidgfamily.html
In-depth interview with Alig: http://www.supergraphics.demon.co.uk/soundprojector/exc_familyfodder.html
http://www.darkbelovedcloud.com/fodder.htm (Free MP3's!!!)
http://www.geocities.com/primaryrhythms/links.html (Dominique’s site with free MP3's!!!)

Sumerland is a US-based electronic mailing list and website dedicated to Fields Of The Nephilim, providing a forum for all those interested in the band's music and anything relevant or related. (http://sumerland.devin.com/)

This is an unofficial, out of date Fields Of The Nephilim site.(www.nephilim.org)

Here's an active, regularly updated UK Fields of the Nephilim fan-site that also has a mailing list. Run by someone calling himself The Watchman: (www.nephilim.co.uk)

The Wright Brothers, Paul and Nod, known of course through their years with Fields Of The Nephilim, now gig and have an album out as The Last Rites. Here’s their website: http://www.lastrites.org/

Here’s a site for all things Thirlwell – Jim Foetus that is. www.foetus.org/

Here’s the English version on Thee Michelle Gun Elephant’s site: http://www.tmge.co.jp/english/index.html

A feature-length, theatrical documentary film 'MC5 - A TRUE TESTIMONIAL' is under production. An active site with details and lots of MC5 links at www.futurenowfilms.com/

The MC5 timeline Laboratory - MC5 Timeline (http://makemyday.free.fr/mc5daytoday0.htm)

A comprehensive, dedicated Nico site: http://smironne.free.fr/NICO/frame.html

Only Ones fans can now have feast on the web. Peter Perrett has a site at www.sierrabravo.co.uk/perrett/
Bassist Alan Mair has a high tech site detailing his work with that band and also The Beatstalkers, including an interview and unseen photos at: www.fieldofone.com
Drummer Mike Kellie’s long career is profiled at www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Diner/2674/mkell_b.htm and guitarist John Perry can be found not only on Peter’s site but here on Jungle writing the sleeve-notes to our Hendrix albums – and, no doubt, elsewhere too!

The Johnny Thunders Cyberlounge - where the virtual spirit of Johnny Thunders hangs out. A comprehensive, evolving, wonderful site! (home.echo-on.net/~ifftay/thunders.htm)

A new Johnny Thunders website: http://www.angelsinexile.i12.com/thunders/html/index.htm

Another label to be really passionate about Johnny Thunders is SuckSex Records. You'll find all sorts of things you won't find in the shops... or anywhere else on the web. Also Nikki Sudden. Kevin K, Freddy Lynxx, etc. You'll be very surprised at: http://perso.club-internet.fr/flynxx/SUCKSEX_RECORDS/index.htm

A Patti Palladin / Snatch site with Patti's interview from Nina Antonia's Johnny Thunders book, plus discography etc. (www.almac.co.uk/personal/jash/snatch/index.htm)

Iggy Pop fans: there's a newsgroup you can subscribe to: (alt.music.iggy-pop)

The official UK Subs Homepages, regular updates, news, and world-wide tour dates. You might even get a message back from Charlie! (http://www.uksubs.co.uk)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik official site, Sputnikworld - high-tech graphics, as you'd expect, with their unadulterated vision of the Sputnik future. And - you can buy an exclusive, Sputnik-web-site-only CD of their 12" mixes here! (www.sputnikworld.ndirect.co.uk)

Newtown Neurotics / Neurotics - official site from Steve Drewett (http://www.sects.demon.co.uk)

The Slits - here's a lengthy fanzine feature and interview with original drummer Palmolive, very entertaining and informative. Palmolive talks at length about early punk days, her new band, and religion(www.nstop.com/paloma/index.html)

Jayne County site - detailed and comprehensive, the (I think) official Jayne site. (//freespace.virgin.net/shaun.morris/)

Here's an interesting and detailed Test Dept site: URL www.esophagus.com/test-dept/index.html

Here's a comprehensive Flamin' Groovies site:URL: www.webcom.com/~smholt/groovies/index.html

A new UK Mercury Rev site, which lists more up-to-date tour dates: www.mercuryrev.co.uk

This very good Mercury Rev site also has a mailing list (which is really a sort of chat-room, so if you don't want 100's of e-mails subscribe as 'digest'…), also there's a link there to a good but out-of-date Rev site. And it links you to the free MP3 file of a Chemical Brothers mix of 'Delta Sun' available from the UBL, and no doubt lots more now that Rev are happening at long last… URL: sdw.internetco.net/v/rev.html

Play Dead I think this is the only page in existance, and as far as I know has a complete discography for the band with scans of all the covers. URL: http://www.waste.org/~winkles/playdead

Sex Gang's Children's enigmatic front-person Andi Sexgang has now got a website, at www.andisexgang.com

Mercury Rev now have their own 'websight on computers', with tour-dates, tour tales, discography etc. It's at www.mercuryrev.net

The Varukers

Here’s Wilko Johnson’s official site with lots of info: www.wilkojohnson.com
This Wilko site concentrates lists the latest live gig info: http://www.wilkojohnson.co.uk/
And there are Wilko pages at the Dr. Feelgood site: http://www.drfeelgood.de/wilko.htm

Webcore – that’s the psychedelic Webcore - have a site up at http://www.webcore.freeuk.com

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Captain Oi is of course a punk/Oi label, has issued a few of our old titles - Action Pact, Dark, Enemy, plus The Wall to come soon. Also has web mail-order shopping, also carries Anagram and possibly soon will also carry our punk titles. (www.tcom.co.uk/captainoi)

Cleopatra Records in L.A. have licensed for the USA of a good selection of Jungle Records titles. In fact, they've now got so many releases their whole catalogue is itself about the size of a small shop… the most recent of ours is an exclusive 'PUNK ARCHIVES' - 25 punk singles from Jungle, notes by Mick Mercer (CLP 0286-2). We hope to also have a Cleopatra section here soon, as we distribute them for the UK. (www.hallucinet.com/cleopatra/cleopatra.htm)

Invisible Records in Chicago, run by ex-PIL/Pigface/Ministry Martin Atkins, are the US outlet for Test Dept., and have many other releases in those genres. (www.invisiblerecords.com/indexinv.html)

Vinyl Japan, the London and Tokyo-based garage'n'punk label. Virtually the template for this Jungle site, being also set up and run by Spiders Of Design Pat Psychogarage. (www.vinyljapan.com)

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UK: S.R.D. (www.southern.com)

Germany: E.F.A. EFA display all their new releases, with track-lists etc, and also archive their old new-release info. So you might find more details on some of our older releases there via their search facility. (www.efamedien.com)

Italy: Audioglobe. (www.audioglobe.it)

Spain: Boa Music (www.boa-music.com)

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Here's an old JUNGLE 1996 site that we thought was down, but we've just found that Cerberus have left up - even though you can't get at it through the Cerberus site! Apart from 1996 news and tour-dates (!), it may be of use to see some more sleeves and some more info details of the Jungle CD catalogue. (cerberus.co.uk/cdj/labels/jungle)

The Cerberus Digital Jukebox has a player to download and some of our catalogue to download/buy. Feedback welcome from anyone who can actually use it after/if they can find our titles there…? They also have other sites around the world. (www.cdj.co.uk/cdj)

The original SKYDOG head shop The Open Market gone digital… 'bazar underground toute la culture electrique des beatniks aux cyberpunks'. Still under construction the last time I looked, but their 110-page English/French mail-order catalogue is packed full of wonderful esoteric CDs, LPs, 7", videos, books, comics, Skydog rarities etc - you'll want it all. (www.theopenmarket.com)

The original Better Badges shop gone digital. Started by Joly in London around '76 - responsible for ALL the London punk 'lapel buttons' (or 'pins' as they're called in America). Relocated to NY in '85, selling at NY punk shows, now he's also selling them mail-order thru WWWhatsup, with new and original designs, incl. Iggy & Stooges, Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, Adicts, UK Subs, and 1,000's others. (http://home.dti.net/joly/pins/bands.html)

The Sister Ray shop runs one of the leading UK indie mail-orders, and they've rebuilt their shopping system away from the NME site URL: www.sisterray.co.uk

Perfect Sound Forever is a "online music magazine with warped perspectives", who in December '98 have a big MC5 feature, a forthcoming Ron Asheton of the Stooges interview, and lots of other stuff of that ilk. URL: www.furious.com/perfect.index.html

Hauser Racing if you're interested in cars going much faster than really is sensible, either funny or drag or hot, then check out: URL: http://www.hauserracing.com

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A few places to visit after dark:

Whitby Weekend: (http://whitby.darwave.org.uk)

London's most gothful underground cave is Resurrection Records in Camden. They stock everything, and now also sell through their website. (www.resurrection-recs.demon.co.uk)

Nightbreed Records URL: www.nightbrd.demon.co.uk

Gothic Music Database: (www.kzsu.stanford.edy/eklein)

Gothic Search Engine: (www.

London goth gigs: (www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~uncle/nemesis.htm)

Slimelight Club: (http://www.slimelightdj.com)

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Punky Becky's homepages: (http://members.xoom.com/beckyduc)

Punk Bands: (http://www.punkbands.com)


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