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Like most 21-year olds, we’ve been far too busy to report back our news. Here’s a catch-up at last.

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Jungle is pleased to have cemented our long relationship with CONFLICT and their MORTARHATE RECORDS, and we now co-own and run the label in conjunction with Conflict, freeing them up to concentrate on the band. The new single, ‘Carlo Giuliani’, is a Kerrang! 5K ‘Single Of The Week’ and we expect the new album ‘There’s No Power Without Control’ to get similar plaudits – it’s up there with ‘Ungovernable Force’. Wow – Rupert Murdoch’s The Sunday Times has just reviewed the album, and amazingly, said:- “Is it right to fling this filth at our kids? It is not only right. It is your duty.” !!!

Conflict has a UK first with the single being AVCD enhanced. That’s a video playable on DVDs and Playstations as well as computers – and the ‘Carlo’ video is itself unlike any other you’ll see! A special digipak edition of the album was planned with DVD-compatible videos of every one of the 10 tracks – but a tragic event at the G8 summit made it impossible to complete, so we’ve shelved it until later. The video-maker, Guy Smallman, who is also the photographer whose picture is featured on the album cover, was shot by police in Geneva with a stun-gun, causing extensive damage to his leg. Here's the full news on Guy.

Hey – we’re in the national charts! Our last 3 singles have all reached the giddy heights of the bottom of the UK charts. Conflict’s ‘Carlo Giuliani squeezed in at no. 100; the ‘SALT In The Wound’ anti-war single (Jello Biafra, Chumbawumba, Conflict etc) shot in with a bullet to no. 67; and Fields Of The Nephilim’s ‘From The Fire’ hurtled in to no. 62. BIG thanks to all who bought them in that important first week of release. Of course, we don't really take any notice of those corporate charts...

We got another well-deserved ‘Single Of The Week’ with Sterling Roswell’s ‘Girl From Orbit’, in London’s Time Out magazine, and the critical acclaim was extended with a ‘Single Of The Month’ in style magazine Sleaze Nation. The long awaited album ‘The Psychedelic Ubik’ IS now completed, it perfectly marries Rosco’s wistful pop sensibilities with his Spacemen 3 background. Check out his underground gigs around north London; the album will be out this autumn.

Goth fans have an exciting new project to look forward to. Key members of Fields Of The Nephilim have teamed up behind a new singer/guitarist/songwriter. Peter ‘Bob’ White, who previously fronted London goth band Sensorium, has been joined by Tony Pettitt, the Nephilim’s founder-bassist and half the team on the recent ‘Fallen’ album, and Simon Rippin, drummer ex of Sensorium, The Nefilim and Fields Of The Nephilim 2000 touring band. They've become NFD, and we're pleased to annouce they've signed to Jungle and have their debut single, the 'Break The Silence’ EP out at the end of August. They'll be gigging around then too, sign up to the mailing-list for news of their London launch gig. And a special bonus for Nephilm fans: the single also features as guest guitarist, the Nephilim’s Peter Yates!

The long-awaited Fields Of The Nephilim album did of course eventually surface (albeit in unusual circumstances), and got favourable reviews pretty much everywhere. Available is a regular CD version, plus a double digipak with bonus live disc and a vinyl version. It's also been issued by licensees in Brazil (Hellion), USA (Metropolis), Scandinavia (MNW), and Germany (SPV). We're very hopeful that Carl will get out there and perform again to his many fans soon.

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' 'L.A.M.F.' is long established as a classic. “Unquestionably one of THE great punk albums. Fanastic.” says Simon Goddard in his five-star review in Uncut, on the recent occasion of our special deluxe edition 2xCD version. The new disc 2 includes demos, outakes and backing tracks, and comes packaged with a slipcase, 24-page booklet with lyrics plus comments from Walter Lure – an essential purchase for all Heartbreakers fans.

Skydog's garage rock pedigree is second to none – no other label championed all of Iggy & the Stooges, MC5, Flamin Groovies and the New York Dolls way back in the early 70's! Their devotion to rock'n'roll remains undiminished, with recent releases from Japanese garage bands Guitar Wolf and Thee Michele Gun Elephant. A new TMGE album is on the way, plus some new US garage acts – watch this space.

Downloads of over 1,000 tracks from Jungle are now available from Wippit, who've quietly been leading the field. There's 60,000 songs to burn to CD or transfer to your MP3 player from 178 labels including many indies such as Cherry Red, Cooking Vinyl and Sanctuary. £30 a year for all that seems dead cheap to us so we hope this is a good idea for us! If you subscribe, please do it through our link as we'll earn a little extra commission. The legal Napster still hasn't happened – it was a dotcom and major lawsuit casualty and went bust. But it will resurface – it's been bought by Roxio and they've now also acquired catalogues from the majors, in anticipation of a relaunch soon.


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